That shade that beauty, why you sorry?
Those locs, those jewelries, why you sorry?
Light, dark, mixed, why you sorry?
Sorry you don't fit that Western beauty?
Sorry your hair is too "wild"?
Sorry you're too dark? Sorry you're too light? Sorry with you're mixed?

Black doesn't apologize, black doesn't hide, black doesn't lie.
They never apologized
so why you sorry for being you?

Ain't nothing wrong with your nose
Ain't nothing wrong with the way you talk
What accent? What tone?
Ain't nothing wrong with you

Black like the sand of the Sahara
Black like the onyx stone
Black like the sky at dawn
Black like cinnamon
Black like diamond
Black like gold
Black like you

You're black, you're perfect
You're African, you're authentic
A creation and a gift to this world
Earth blessed and sun kissed

I'm sorry you're too good for this Earth
I'm sorry you're too silent for this crowd
I'm sorry you're not loved enough
I'm sorry you're not appreciated enough

You know how strong and powerful you are
You know how beautiful you are
You know how precious you are
You know how gifted you are
You are your own essence

So tell me my beautiful queen, why you sorry?

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