Cote d'Ivoire. A journey to the motherland. I’ve not been home for a few years, this magnificent land. Exploring changes in the mindset in Cote d'Ivoire and discovering new creative ideas. Admire the fact that women of the country are everchanging. Take on new stages outside the capital for the beauty and folklore of the country. See that women dare more, assert their personalities, passions, sexuality, their body as well as their spirituality. A series that promises to be rich and full of treasure of what becomes of African women. Capture the image in a more intimate and characteristic way to let the reader shine through the moment through color, gestures, and expression. O’houro means “home” in my father’s language Anyi.
This collection is a memory and continuation of our what the country is becoming as it grows into caring more about identity, sexuality, empowerment, and overall glorification of the rising novel African dawn.
The sun defines our land in many ways. working with the sun or against it was a creative journey, a new way to harness the beauty of the sun. Having it reflected behind as a hallow or facing it like a mirror. The beauty of our skin, hair, and mannerism are closely related to the sun. As it rejuvenates ourselves and emphasizes our traits, we do not take the warmth of this star for granted. Photography is drawing with light and this light brings us colors or many shades, shades that we include in our clothing, makeup, hair, and aesthetic. Focusing on capturing natural light with little to no artificial tools revealed a pure beauty I could not see before and from that, add my own. Capturing what my eyes saw and my soul imagined. 
a solar piece shines brightly within us.
Our cutlure is alive and dynamic. Constantly changing, adapting and evolving. We create our own culture with the old as well with the new. Material, textile, shea and so much that we harness to create a new age for the Ivoirian culture. 
New brands, businesses and practices that are all a reflection what we are accomplishing. A tribute and contribution. 
Africa lives on 
Give a new breath to our culture and tradition. Let’s not be bound by obsolete and unchanging practices. We found ourselves hurt, excluded and separated from our communities because we do nor want to follow old norms.
We make the culture and we dynamise the tradition. Let’s create new practices, create new traditions and cater new cultures for ourselves.
As we thrive a community we embrace our true identy separate from social norms. Being our true self. 
Creating is defying. Defying the normative image of live, of being african, being a woman, being... . We are often condemned to think as a collective even this collective is against us. Taking from us the opportunity to enjoy ourself, our uniqueness and feed our dreams or never make room for our own find. 
creating an inclusive culture for all. For ALL Ivorians 
We can appreciate our generation’s take on religion and spirituality. Taking a step back from the centuries-old conventions, norms, and purpose. We untether ourselves from the guilt and shaming in religion to create our unique bond to the spiritual realm and the divine. Using the tools that were left inside us to connect exclusively to heed the call. At this moment. We make the tools of our own transcendence. Make your own tools
My father talks about it often, with a lot of bitterness.
This horrible object represented the shaming of indigenous languages and the mother tongue within the school. It was assigned to the schoolboy who dared to speak his mother’s tongue in school. The latter got rid of it by giving it to another schoolboy who had committed the same crime. At the end of the day, whoever held the symbol received additional punishment.
This system led children to denounce each other. Those who found themselves with the symbol were mocked, bullied and excluded by their comrades.
Made using debris from objects (used string), animal remains and bones (monkey skull, snail shell, cow purse, etc.); The symbol did not simply compel colonial-era schoolchildren to speak French fluently, it created a mother tongue complex with respect to the language of the colonizer” Julie Kouassi

These symbols are certainly no longer visible but remain present in our mind. As much as we deny what is really ours, what is our identity, our heritage and our heritage. Let us no longer be ashamed of expressing the markers of our origins and of the pride we have in regard to our cultural treasure.
The body. In the course of my passionate work, the body has been my most enriching experience. The body carries a message, the body carries history and stories. Through the body, women are able to share their true existence. Reading through the line of their curves the story of our country, the tale of their journey. In this apparent vulnerable state, they are strong than they imagine. Rising from the ashes of their trauma, claiming back their precious body, acknowledging their infinite beauty. 
This trip home was not a vacation. It was a retreat, a journey of exploration to the land where my soul originated from. Being their is always a pleasure which why leaving is such a dreadful moment. I realized it is where my true source of my inspiration is. The energy that runs from the ground through my soul holds as the true child that I am. 

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