It was always a question for me, why I fight for black women, why not ALL women.
It took me a while to understand but then I wondered...where are the women?
the black women that fought for us, so we could be free today. Do you know them? Do you remember them? Queen Nzinga, Coretta Scott King, Assata Shakur, Jessy Faucet, Mariama Ba, Ilen Embet the 500 Women’s march of Grand Bassam and many more they are legions. Do you remember them?

I didn't.

We are their reflection, the paved the way for us and we spit on their memories.
Taking the life they gave us for granted and their sacrifice in vain.
In the course of my life there was a black woman on my path.

A black woman was the one that give me life
A black woman showed who I am and many more showed me who I should be.
I fight for them because they fought for me.

They are my mothers and sisters.
My life is their lives
I protect them because they have protected me.
bonded in life and beyond, our fate is one
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