"She's not like everyone else". That phrase, I've heard it in many movies and songs. I've always thought it was just a big lie from the media, another construct to sell dreams. However, all these presumptions fell apart when I came across her gaze and my heart stopped beating. I think she was always here. We were hanging out in the same places. But I've never truly paid attention to her. And one day a friend of mine screamed "what a beauty!". It was then the first time  I noticed her. She heard him and turned around to thank him. Ow, her smile! That damn smile. Those beautiful white teeth and dark gums a little like the Fulanis. An angel I tell you.
   I saw her later, and that time I started the conversation. How bright she was! I listened has she spoke of the ancient kings, queens and their great kingdoms. Her lips were carrying such wisdom. I listened, I learned and suddenly felt stupid not to have noticed her earlier. But in the split moment where our eyes met I think that was when I fell in love with her.
   You know what? People are wrong. Love doesn't make you blind and who's the author of that aboration. On the contrary, love makes you notice every single details. Her style was unique. She wore only the bogolan, the kente or the wax. She had henna on her hand, her soft hand with long straight fingers. She bared ear jewelries. Between all these other girls I only saw her. At that moment, I knew. Maybe it wasn't a lie, she wasn't like the others, the girl I fell in love with, the evidence was everywhere. 
 Her name is Africa. 
Original author: Aurore Mondah
Translation from French to English: Elie Akadia 
Original text: http://leblogdemissafrican.blogspot.com/2017/09/premiere-fois-je-suis-tombee-amoureuse-fille.html


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