Young Ivorian born in Addis Ababa in
Ethiopia, Elie Akadia has
always had a love for beauty. In 2010, seeing photography as a way
to communicate and to break down barriers, he made it his hobby.
7 years later it clicked. After a course in the history of black women
in the diaspora while he was preparing for his Bachelor at the
University of Maryland Baltimore County he clearly saw the needle
of his artistic compass pointing in his path, that of Afro feminism,
black culture and African women. Since then he has never ceased to
capture and express the emotions, identity and history of black
women. Nude narrative has gradually become his favorite universe.
He thus becomes the narrator of the History of the Curved Lines of
the Body of the Black Woman. It is with Ly Lagazelle , his mentor,
that he will refine his technique. In the meantime, exhibition
opportunities are opening up to him from 2019.
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