Dear parents
I'm not your child. Not the one your raised. I was never your boy, I was different. You've known but denied it. You tried to shape me, tried to teach me.
Your boy didn't die because he never existed. The Christian, the obedient, the normal one, I killed him. He could no longer live with you.
I'm not your child. You don't know me and you might never know me now, because I'm not your child.
Open your eyes and you will see. Stop praying, stop hoping for your little boy to come back, stop praying for the light I should find. Because I am not your child.
What I do is not random, who I am is not an accident.
I have found within my myself what your schools failed to teach me.
I have found within my soul what to churches have failed to show me.
My mother was in another body, my siblings were from other places.
I am not your child, your child never lived so he never died.
watch me grow because you can no longer teach me
watch me thrive because you can no longer hold me
What I am, you can neither stop nor change
The more you tell me how I should be the more I become who I truly am .

Elie Akadia
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