Hourly shoots (brands, fashion, outdoor, looks, location...): $200 for the first hour and $50for additional hours with a maximum of 4 hours. $50 deposit. price for 2 models MAX. includes 5 Professional edits + full photoset 
Art shoots (glitter, paint, gold leaf...): $300 flat. $50 deposit. price for one model. includes 3 professional edits + full photoset 

Events: $800 for up to 5 hours and $100 for every additional hour for a maximum of 8 hours totals ((Up to 4 Months equal payments plan available). $200 non-refundable deposit includes UP TO 20 professional edits + full photoset 

Businesses: $300 for up to 4 hours and $50 for every additional hour for a maximum of 5 hours totals (Up to 3 Months equal of $100 payments plan available). $100 non-refundable deposit. includes 5 Professional edits + full photoset 

Applicable fees

Group photos:
Additional $50 per hour per additional person after the second person for location and studio (up to 5)

Additional $40 per additional person for art shoots (up to 3)
+Make-up artist fees are additional and independent from the photographers 

+$15 if location is more than 20 minute drive through fastest route

$20 per additional edits requested above the limit  

Shoots may be cancelled if more than an hour late

No dates and times are booked until a deposit is made
refund on deposits are refundable up to 72 hours after the booking 

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